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Premium Small Batch Cannabis Edibles, Flower, concentrates, and More.


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We carry over 35 different edibles to suit your taste and dosage. A majority of the edibles we carry are made right in house. Try our Gummies, Lollipops, Ganja Bars, Dope Ropes, Fresh Baked Goods, and more!


With flower from our Private Grower as well as many awesome growers from all over Maine you’ll find something you like at any budget.


Our expanding selection of Sauces, Live Resins, Live Badders, and Diamonds is bound to leave you smiling.

Just a few of em!

Our Products

10MG Sour Gummy

250Mg THC Candy Bars

THC / CBD / 1:1

20MG THC Lollipop

20MG Full Spectrum RSO Gummies

120MG THC Chocolate Bar

20MG THC Candy Coated Gummies

Seven Great Flavors

50MG THC Gummies

100 MG Elixir

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